Ferraro hut is located in the ayas valley about 45 minutes walk from saint jacques. To get there take the main road number 505 up towards the bottom of the valley.

The route is indicated in the interactive maps below:



We suggest parking your car in Saint Jacques Church Square.

On the north façade of the Church you will be able to view a plate in memory of aime’ Gorret Abbot who lived there for sixteen years and was the first Italian climber of the Matterhorn.

You will reach Resy village by following the instructions posted up behind the Church. These instructions direct you to turn right and walk for 300 metres uphill on an easy footpath

At the top you will find the Ferraro hut.



Resy is situated at the foot of the Bettaforca Passage that links the ayas and gressoney valleys.  

Resy is renowned for being a very typical and well preserved walser village. Nowadays, there are still people living up there but only during the summer season

Resy is a good starting point for three historical/mountaineering journeys:

The  great walser path is a route that joins together  the main walser villages located in a beautiful landscape. Along the route you will follow in the footsteps of the famous Alpine people and their customs.

The mont rose highest peaks, number 1 and 2, allow you to climb the Italian side of this renowned mountain chain.

The mont rose grand tour leads hikers on a complete trek around the mont rose chain, on both the Italian and Swiss sides.

The environment here is friendly and allows visitors to live Alpine adventures, as well as riding mountain bikes along over 40 km of routes with technical difficulties of many kinds.

In conclusion, let us remind you that at 400 metres from the Ferraro Hut the monterosaski Winter resort is situated.

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P.S. Upon demand, for non expert climbers, we can arrange a four-wheel- drive taxi from saint Jacques (tel 0039/0125/307997 - cell 0039/335/6626748)