First of all, here are our hut keepers:


Fausta           Stelio

Ferraro Hut was built on a structure of Walser architecture as testified by the inscriptions on the main entrance architrave: in addition to the typical 4 “SIGN” of the Walser people, it is possible to read the building date: 1590

Architrave all'ingresso del Rifugio


Ferraro structure is typical of Alpine huts:

Visione della costruzione del Rifugio Ferraro a Resy     Rifugio Ferraro     Il Rifugio Ferraro arrivando dal sentiero di Saint Jacques

three floors, a dormitory and eight rooms to accommodate 26 people.

Sala ingresso/reception/bar  Ingresso al Rifugio

Camera tipo del Rifugio  Camera tipo del rifugio

Showers and bathrooms with WC and bidet are available.

This friendly hut grants a first class cuisine

sala da pranzo

 thanks to the Chef


Renowned in the whole valley for her delicious meals, such as 

Bread & Cheese Soup, maize flour & cheese porridge, braised deer, pork shinbone, farfalle pasta with fontina cheese, maize flour with cheese, potatoes and fontina cheese

 Her experience in cookery comes from fifteen years of management of another hut.